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16 16 "Come and Knock on Our Door" James Widdoes Bill Callahan & Philip Wen January 28, 2003 USA

December 27, 2005 Canada

117, SC R-146
After finding out that she kissed Kyle, Bridget gives Kerry the silent treatment, which is anything but quiet for Paul. That night, Paul has a dream on the set of Three's Company (in which John Ritter rose to fame), which parodies the show right down to the last detail. In the dream, Kyle (Jack) pretends to be gay in order to fool Paul (Mr. Roper), so he can have Bridget (Chrissy) and Kerry (Janet). They are soon joined by Cate (Mrs. Roper) and Rory (Larry). Back in real life, Bridget goes to Kyle's new apartment to break up with him. (Not surprisingly, this was John Ritter's favorite episode of the first season.)