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After a party at Tommy’s house is busted by the police, Paul takes the matter into his own hands by volunteering his house for the post-basketball finals party. During the party, Paul falls asleep, and the party gets out of control, as Paul finds all the kids sleeping the next morning. This causes him to lose popularity with the kids' parents, but the kids now find him cool.

While Cate is at work the next evening, Kerry and Bridget allow some friends to come over, and it eventually turns into a party, but Bridget and Kerry call it a kid-pack, as it is less than 20 kids. Eventually, Cate comes home and convinces Paul to stop the party/kid-pack; he does, and it causes him to lose all popularity with the kids, and he returns to being the dorky parent the kids found him to be.

Meanwhile, when Paul attempts to help Rory stand up to some bullies at school (though all they’d done was call him one name) at the beginning of the episode, it turns out that he was wearing slippers; he is referred to as “Slipper Dad” from then on. Rory is also humiliated by this; at the end of the episode, Rory dumps a whole box of slippers on Paul.


Paul: I won’t get out of the car. (cut to Paul at school) You guys think you’re big men calling my son names? That make you feel important, does it?
Boy #1: Dude, your dad left the car.
Rory: I know.
Boy #2: We’re sorry, Mr. Hennessy, but we only called him Rory Bory Alice ’cause he has a crush on this girl named Alice, and she’s boring.