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10 10 "Give It Up" James Widdoes Martin Weiss November 19, 2002 USA

December 15, 2005 Canada

110, SC R-139
It's time for summer vacation, but the Hennessys can't decide where to go. Paul wants to go to their regular cabin at the lake, Rory's idea is Space Camp, Bridget wants to go to Mall of America, Cate wishes to visit her parents' condo while Kerry just wants to stay home. To settle the issue, Paul initiates a contest. Each family member must give up a bad habit, and the last person standing gets to pick the vacation. Rory, who gives up tattling, is the first to go, then Cate (coffee), and Bridget (telephone), leaving it down to just Paul (the television remote) and Kerry (sarcasm). To try to get her to break, Paul treats Kerry to dinner at a 50s-style diner, but during the meal he begins to worry that his daughter's constant sarcasm is hiding a deeper sadness.


Kyle: I mean, everybody has to go.
Bridget: (sternly) I don't!
Kyle: Oh, come on. It's no big deal.
Paul: Kerry, the reason I did this contest was because I wanted Rory to give up tattling 'cause it's a pain in the neck, Bridget to give up the phone because she's always on it. I wanted your mother to give up coffee because, well, that one was just mean. And I wanted you to give up being sarcastic because, you know, once in a blue moon, I'd like to see the genuine you.
Kerry: You know, you made up this contest because it was another way for you to make us do what you want us to do. I mean, like going to the lake every year, or... or making me talk about things that I don't want to talk about. God, Dad, I mean, that's why you love the remote control so much, you know? You love to control everything.
Paul: As long as we're being genuine, do you want to know why you're sarcastic?
Kerry: Well, I'm sure you're gonna tell me.
Cate: Paul.
Paul: It's a wall you hide behind, because otherwise, God forbid, people would see the real you — the you you're afraid people won't like.
Cate: Paul.
Bridget: Dad.
Rory: Who's winning?
Paul: You may not believe this, but I was a pretty easygoing guy once upon a time.
Kerry: What happened?
Paul: Kids brought out the worst in me.