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Mr. Egan
General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Businessman/Owner of a haberdashery
Family & Friends
Family: Jim Egan (son)
2 more children
Laura (ex-daughter-in-law)
Maggie Barnes (granddaughter)
Cate Hennessy (granddaughter)
Bridget Hennessy (great-randdaughter)
Kerry Hennessy (great-granddaughter)
Rory Hennessy (great-grandson)
C J Barnes (great-grandson)
Relationships: Unnamed wife
Series Information
First appearance: Goodbye (mentioned)

Mr. Egan was the father of Jim Egan and two more siblings, as well as the paternal grandfather of Maggie Barnes and Cate Hennessy.

After Paul died in "Goodbye", Rory asked Jim about his own father. Jim mentions that his father was a businessman who owned a haberdashery where he sold suits and bowler hats. He was also described a not always being a very happy man.