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Nick Sharpe (played by Patrick Warburton) is the boss of Paul Hennessy.


Nick Sharpe


He has four daughters. Their names are Jenna, Katie, Michelle, and Rachel. However, only Jenna and Michelle are seen in the Season 1 episode "Paul Meets His Match".


When it comes to his daughters, Nick can be overprotective. Like Paul, he also thinks boys are after one thing. In the season 2 episode Goodbye, he admitted to Cate that he viewed Paul as a great man, and one of those writers whose columns always made him laugh, either intentionally or unintentionally. Plus, like everyone else at the newspaper where Paul occasionally stopped by, he also had immense respect for Paul and his work.


(To Cate about Paul) He was a great, great guy.... and one of those writers whose columns always made me laugh.

(to Cate) You know I have four daughters. I couldn't in a million years work at home. Paul said he never knew how he did it. He just knew why. He loved his family.