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Sex Ed is the second episode in Season 2 of 8 Simple Rules.

30 2 "Sex Ed" Robby Benson Gayle Abrams September 30, 2003 USA

January 17, 2006 Canada

Cate teaches sex education at Bridget's school and gets suspicious when she reads a submission where a girl's older boyfriend was coming from Maryland and she felt pressured to have sex. Bridget tries to cover it up by saying that this was a girl from Maryland, Lara O'Neal (which turned out to be made-up; Bridget herself was the one who wrote the question). Meanwhile, Paul is worried about Kerry after they saw a French movie with a sex scene in it.

Plot Summary[]

Bridget is horrified when Cate is asked to fill in as the sex ed instructor in her daughter’s class. But Cate is in for a shock when she tries to answer a student’s written question about being pressured to have sex — and realizes it may be from Bridget.

Meanwhile, Paul and Kerry are too embarrassed to look each other in the eye after watching a foreign film together that contains a sexually explicit scene.


Paul: (turns to Cate behind the counter and pulls out a chair while Kerry heads up to Bridget’s and her room with her make-up bag) I miss the old Kerry.
Cate: (sagely, as Paul sits down) Oh, the depressed one without a boyfriend?
Paul: (sounding a little sad) Yeah.

Bridget: (after learning Cate is teaching her sex education) So, you just say yes without even totally considering how it can completely ruin my life?
Paul: Bridget, I think it's an honor your mother is going to teach you sexual education. After all, she taught me.
Bridget and Rory: Ew!
Bridget: Do you guys not understand what situation I am in here? I mean, Donny Doyle's coming in this weekend to see me.
Paul: So?
Bridget: So, people already perceive my dating Donny Doyle as a slap in the face! I mean, you know, he's older and he goes to the naval academy instead of his school. And then Danielle's going to this party this weekend. She's all, "You better be there," and I'm all, "Uh, yeah." But Donny's all, "Oh, no, I don't want to share you," which is actually very sweet when you think about it. But it's just the sort of thing that Danielle's gonna use against me. And then (points at Cate) you have to go and exacerbate the whole thing by teaching sex ed at my school!
Rory: On the bright side, she did say ‘exacerbate.’ (grins)

Paul: We can't tell Bridget about contraception. We might as well fluff her pillow and make her some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Cate: You are aware, Paul, that only works for you.