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December 6, 2005 Canada="hiddenStructure"
Season 01, Episode 05
Air Date October 15, 2002 USA

December 6, 2005 Canada

Writer W. Bruce Cameron
Director James Widdoes
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Son-in-Law is the fifth episode of the show's first season which aired for the first time on October 15, 2002.


A sports-struck Paul lets Bridget do whatever she wants when she breaks up with Kyle and begins dating high school basketball wonder Travis "The Rainman" Smith, whose father just happens to be Michigan baseball legend Steve "Canned Heat" Smith.

Meanwhile, Kerry resents the fact that Paul still thinks of her as a little girl and not as a budding teenager ready to take on the dating world.


  • At the end of this episode's theme song, Rory sprays some green silly string spray at the camera before shutting the door.
  • Cate tells Paul that Bridget can't go on a date with Travis because it is a school night. In the next scene, Bridget tells Kerry about her date last night, and Cate tells Bridget good afternoon, so shouldn't she been in school? Also, Paul tells Cate that they would be chaperoning the dance tonight, and Cate says that it is her first Saturday night off. So all this proves that it was Friday night that Bridget had a date, and it was not a school night.


Kerry: (shaking her head) Like "Oh, my God, My name's Bridget. I can't believe how much my head shakes when I talk."
Paul: What's it called when you're damned it you do, damned if you don't? Fatherhood.
Travis: Holla.
Kerry: Holla back, brotha.
Travis: Uh-huh.
Kerry: He thinks of me as some sort of virgin spinster, like Miss Havisham.(Bridget has a confused look on her face) Great Expectations…? (Bridget's still confused) Charles Dickens…? (Bridget continues to be confused) A book…?
Kerry: Our father has to be the dumbest man that ever lived.
Bridget: Then why's he always on my case when I get a "C"?
Paul: It was a big deal when I negotiated this. I wanted 10:30. You said midnight. I said ll:00. But the girls wanted two holes in each ear. So we settled on 11:30 and one hole in the ear.
Cate: I was there, Paul. I took the minutes.
Rory: Can I sit in the cart?
Cate: No!
Kerry (to Paul): I'm tired of you looking at me like a little girl!
Paul: After watching you dance, I don't think I can again.